Stock Picking Services

We provide the information, you get the benefit.



Investing Abacus reviews other companies that offer stock picking services. We evaluate how they are performing and provide advice on the profit/loss of their overall operation. We test out these companies with investment assets and strategies to decipher if they are worth sinking any of your financial resources into for future gains.

We publish a comprehensive newsletter of these reports using our internal algorithms, mathematic formulas, and unique insights. All of this information is meant for you, our clients, at absolutely no cost. We will factor in the total price of investing in these companies, including their fees, commissions, and hidden expenses, so you get a final price point for each company.


Comparison Services

What is the end goal? Information! We complete a company profile of each membership-based stock picking service as well as a report and review of their products. This will include a profit/loss comparison of services in the industry. We want to empower each of you with all the knowledge needed to make well-informed decisions on which service is suitable for your current financial situation.