Investing Ideas

Comparing Quality Financial Services for Your Benefit


Investing Abacus Provides quantitative guidance and information for investing in different financial vehicles. We review how membership companies are performing, why you should use these accounts and platforms, and offer our suggestions for your own benefit. This information can include companies focused on financial instruments outside of stock picking like:


ETFs Investing

An exchange-traded fund, or ETF, is similar to a stock in that it can be traded on an exchange through the day at a lower fee than other funds. This creates a variable level of risk but a lot more flexibility in when and where you trade.



Dividend Investing

Dividends present two unique sources of potential income for the investor – the stock’s capital appreciation and the regular payments from the company’s earnings. A dividend payment is the distribution of a company’s profits to stock owners.



Covered Calls Strategy

This involves the selling of call options based on your already owned or recently purchased shares. Thus, you are “covering” the cost of the sale with the shares you already acquired.



Put Strategies

Put options vary across different financial intuitions and come with their own levels of risk. A put option is a contract that gives the option buyer the right to sell an underlying security at a predetermined price.



Stock Brokerages

These are firms that buy, sell, and offer other financial services on behalf of their clients. We do our best to review each of these services, including which we suggest and who you should avoid.